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Sep 9 12

Carole Sund/Carrington Memorial Reward Foundation

by Mathers

Have you ever lost someone you love? If you have, then you can feel the pain and sadness of such events and this pain becomes intolerable when you don’t know reason why he/she is lost. At this point, we hardly try to get some help in finding our beloved one.

Most of the cases, the reasons behind the disappearance remain unknown. Sometimes individuals choose to disappear alone, however, they return soon, while some get involved themselves in unforeseen and unexpected events and never come back again.

What actually becomes with the missing people? There are many answers of this question. He/she can live somewhere else with the new identity, can be kidnapped, can suicide in a remote place, can be a murder victim or maybe something else. No matter why, what reason is that. The matter is to know what happened with beloved one and how to find him/her. Undoubtedly, family members feel unlimited pain for the missing member of the family.

While events like these are tragic they are fortunately very rare. Travelers in the United States can protect themselves from more common issues, such as falling sick with the flu or twisting an ankle.

There are many actions that can be taken when someone is missing. Local police or FBI should be informed immediately. You should not be worried much rather you should contact agencies that trace mission people and bring them back. Finding such agencies is not very though in these days and they know how to investigate, collect information and find missing people.

The Carole Sund Foundation was formed in the memory of Carole and Juli Sund and Silvina Pelosso who had been missing during February of 1999 and later found dead. The parents of Carole Sund established rewards for their safe returns; which helped them to locate Carole Sund’s lost rental car.

However, the goal of Carole Sund Foundation is to help in returning of missing people to their homes and to secure the arrest of violent criminals. The foundation was actually founded to help families to offer rewards for the information to help law enforcement officials in locating missing ones.

Oct 20 11

Facts about missing

by Mathers

Reports of missing persons have increased sixfold in the past 25 years, from roughly 150,000 in 1980 to about 900,000 this year. The increase was driven in part by the country’s growing population. But the numbers also indicate that law enforcement treats the cases more seriously now, including those of marginalized citizens.

An astounding 2,300 Americans are reported missing every day, including both adults and children.

For more information please visit: Tru TV

Oct 20 11


by Mathers

A missing person is a person who has disappeared for usually unknown reasons.

Missing persons’ photographs may be posted on bulletin boards, milk cartons, postcards, and websites, along with a phone number to be contacted if a sighting has been made.

People disappear for many reasons. Some individuals choose to disappear alone; most of these soon return. Reasons for non-identification may include:

  • To escape child abuse, such as child physical abuse, emotional abuse, by a parent / parents / guardian / guardians / sibling / siblings especially.
  • Leaving home to live somewhere else under a new identity.
  • Becoming the victim of kidnapping.
  • Abduction (of a minor) by a non-custodial parent or other relative.
  • Seizure by government officials without due process of law.
  • Suicide in a remote location or under an assumed name (to spare their families the suicide at home, or to allow their deaths to be eventually declared in absentia).
  • Victim of murder (body disguised, destroyed, or hidden).

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Jul 2 13

Educate Your Children on Their Safety

by Daniel

The world is not so safety today. Things have changed and people are looking at every opportunity to make money without considering of the legality of the process of doing so. The effect of this is felt by the basic unit of the society which is the family. Parents and children are in the receiving end in this case.

If you are a parent or you have a child who is under your care, it is prudent you make sure that these children have some guard. You can do this by educating them on abduction. The centre of focus here would be how to protect them from being abducted or getting lost. The following are some basic things that your children should know:

Let Them Know Where They Live

Most people with right intentions find it difficult to help children that are lost because the children do not have a slight idea of where they live. Make sure that your children know the city in which they live, their street and the nearest amenities like hospitals, schools and churches.

Let them know your names as parents

The least that your children should know of you is your name. You can even give them more information like the place of work of both parents.

Let them know what abduction is

You might be bombarding your children with all the necessary information concerning their safety but you fail to explain the reasons for these measures. If you do that you would have accomplished less because these children will not see the use. Use the simplest language to explain to them about abduction.

Let them have you telephone number

Letting your children know how to contact you is the best thing when they are lost. Make sure they can recall your phone number off head.

Jul 2 13

To Lose a Parent

by Daniel

The internet is awash with how parents suffer when they lose their children not in death but through other means like abduction or running away from home voluntarily. However, the opposite is not so much discussed. It is not something that is unimaginable or so alien to imagine that children can also lose their parents. It happens a lot, only that emphasis has been given to the loss of children with the assumption that parents can take care of themselves. Although the pain that is suffered by a parent who has lost her child is so much painful than that of a child losing their parent, the bottom line is that both experiences are not admirable.

There are circumstances that can make a child lose the parent. The following are the most probably situations when a child can lose the parent:

At a Party

Parties are normally full of people. It is this condition that makes a child probable of missing the parent. If you have to go to a party with your kid, make sure that they are with you all the time or at least make sure you know where they are. The excitement might overtake you so much such that you are lost in the frenzy. Do not get drunk in a party when you are accompanied by your child.

In a shop

Children are so curious and jovial when shopping. They will see something and go for it even without your knowledge. If you are shopping in a supermarket or a large shop, make sure you hold your child’s hand. It is for the same reason that some trolleys have a child rest, where you can place your child as you shop.

In Church

This is another place where your child is at risk of losing you. Sit close to your children and make sure they know you by name and if possible let them know the street and town where you live.

Apr 30 13

Alien Abduction, what is it and its Tenets

by Daniel

You probably have heard of Alien abduction and reacted the way you did because of your prior information about this abduction. Alien abduction is basically a special type of abduction that happens in the mind where one feels and sees that they have been kidnapped by supernatural creatures.
Some people have serious problem of alien abduction and have been abducted severally by this creatures. Still lost? Maybe I should give you some causes of this kidnapping and people who are likely to be abducted by aliens.

Knowledge of the Alien

Abductees of aliens have been found to be people with considerable amount of knowledge about aliens. This could be they have like d or like reading scientific narratives with some imaginative robots or creatures. Most of these people are actually obsessed with reading and are often inquisitive about science. In their sleep, they end up hallucinating.

Sleep and Hallucinations

Alien abductees are mostly kidnapped after sleeping, basically in the morning just because they wake up. These victims say they see things, people or very grotesque creatures. Some hear people speaking to them while others hear voices that they cannot actually point the direction from where they come. It should be observed also that these people do not have to be sleeping. In some cases, they are abducted when they are alone in their rooms where they like hiding. They might even shout at you mistaking you for that creature they saw.

False Memory

If you are not used to these people or you have no idea that a person is alien abductees, you might think that they are insane. They have a tendency to recall things that never happened to them and they insist that they saw you or other person. To make their claims true, they might ask for affirmation from people they trust like. “Right mom? Do you remember?”

Apr 30 13

Important facts and Advice on Kidnapping

by Daniel

The thought of being kidnapped is terrifying to many people even to those who have never fallen victim. Most people would do anything to get their loved one home at the first or slightest threat. This is a good gesture but it is more prudent and better to have some advice that will help make the ordeal less agonizing. Below are some ideas that I have drawn form an expert in abduction matters:

Avoid Setting for the kidnappers First Ransom

I know that mot kidnappers target people from rich families. Poor people and beggars are hardly kidnapped for the obvious reason. So whoever kidnaps has background information about you. They are good researchers. Unfortunately they as for extremely ridiculous huge ransoms. This is where the trick is. Do not settle for the first ransom always bargain for less.

Don’t negotiate for yourself

Some might thinks that it is easier to just settle for $30,000 and let it go. Well sometimes kidnappers are less violent and might negotiate but it is best left to experts.

Kidnappers are not always rude and Violent
It is a myth that all kidnappers will hit you, drag you and scold you. Remember that there are many reasons for kidnapping you, some want revenge while others just want your many and that all. So, sometimes they will talk to you nicely, feed you and laugh with you. You should therefore try to co operate as much as possible.

Be prudent in your action in the first few minutes of kidnapping
Try to be calm at this moment because it is the time when your kidnappers are most dangerous. They know that they can be apprehended any time, this makes them volatile. So do not act or say anything that will jeopardize your well being.