Alien Abduction, what is it and its Tenets

You probably have heard of Alien abduction and reacted the way you did because of your prior information about this abduction. Alien abduction is basically a special type of abduction that happens in the mind where one feels and sees that they have been kidnapped by supernatural creatures.
Some people have serious problem of alien abduction and have been abducted severally by this creatures. Still lost? Maybe I should give you some causes of this kidnapping and people who are likely to be abducted by aliens.

Knowledge of the Alien

Abductees of aliens have been found to be people with considerable amount of knowledge about aliens. This could be they have like d or like reading scientific narratives with some imaginative robots or creatures. Most of these people are actually obsessed with reading and are often inquisitive about science. In their sleep, they end up hallucinating.

Sleep and Hallucinations

Alien abductees are mostly kidnapped after sleeping, basically in the morning just because they wake up. These victims say they see things, people or very grotesque creatures. Some hear people speaking to them while others hear voices that they cannot actually point the direction from where they come. It should be observed also that these people do not have to be sleeping. In some cases, they are abducted when they are alone in their rooms where they like hiding. They might even shout at you mistaking you for that creature they saw.

False Memory

If you are not used to these people or you have no idea that a person is alien abductees, you might think that they are insane. They have a tendency to recall things that never happened to them and they insist that they saw you or other person. To make their claims true, they might ask for affirmation from people they trust like. “Right mom? Do you remember?”