Educate Your Children on Their Safety

The world is not so safety today. Things have changed and people are looking at every opportunity to make money without considering of the legality of the process of doing so. The effect of this is felt by the basic unit of the society which is the family. Parents and children are in the receiving end in this case.

If you are a parent or you have a child who is under your care, it is prudent you make sure that these children have some guard. You can do this by educating them on abduction. The centre of focus here would be how to protect them from being abducted or getting lost. The following are some basic things that your children should know:

Let Them Know Where They Live

Most people with right intentions find it difficult to help children that are lost because the children do not have a slight idea of where they live. Make sure that your children know the city in which they live, their street and the nearest amenities like hospitals, schools and churches.

Let them know your names as parents

The least that your children should know of you is your name. You can even give them more information like the place of work of both parents.

Let them know what abduction is

You might be bombarding your children with all the necessary information concerning their safety but you fail to explain the reasons for these measures. If you do that you would have accomplished less because these children will not see the use. Use the simplest language to explain to them about abduction.

Let them have you telephone number

Letting your children know how to contact you is the best thing when they are lost. Make sure they can recall your phone number off head.

To Lose a Parent

The internet is awash with how parents suffer when they lose their children not in death but through other means like abduction or running away from home voluntarily. However, the opposite is not so much discussed. It is not something that is unimaginable or so alien to imagine that children can also lose their parents. It happens a lot, only that emphasis has been given to the loss of children with the assumption that parents can take care of themselves. Although the pain that is suffered by a parent who has lost her child is so much painful than that of a child losing their parent, the bottom line is that both experiences are not admirable.

There are circumstances that can make a child lose the parent. The following are the most probably situations when a child can lose the parent:

At a Party

Parties are normally full of people. It is this condition that makes a child probable of missing the parent. If you have to go to a party with your kid, make sure that they are with you all the time or at least make sure you know where they are. The excitement might overtake you so much such that you are lost in the frenzy. Do not get drunk in a party when you are accompanied by your child.

In a shop

Children are so curious and jovial when shopping. They will see something and go for it even without your knowledge. If you are shopping in a supermarket or a large shop, make sure you hold your child’s hand. It is for the same reason that some trolleys have a child rest, where you can place your child as you shop.

In Church

This is another place where your child is at risk of losing you. Sit close to your children and make sure they know you by name and if possible let them know the street and town where you live.

Alien Abduction, what is it and its Tenets

You probably have heard of Alien abduction and reacted the way you did because of your prior information about this abduction. Alien abduction is basically a special type of abduction that happens in the mind where one feels and sees that they have been kidnapped by supernatural creatures.
Some people have serious problem of alien abduction and have been abducted severally by this creatures. Still lost? Maybe I should give you some causes of this kidnapping and people who are likely to be abducted by aliens.

Knowledge of the Alien

Abductees of aliens have been found to be people with considerable amount of knowledge about aliens. This could be they have like d or like reading scientific narratives with some imaginative robots or creatures. Most of these people are actually obsessed with reading and are often inquisitive about science. In their sleep, they end up hallucinating.

Sleep and Hallucinations

Alien abductees are mostly kidnapped after sleeping, basically in the morning just because they wake up. These victims say they see things, people or very grotesque creatures. Some hear people speaking to them while others hear voices that they cannot actually point the direction from where they come. It should be observed also that these people do not have to be sleeping. In some cases, they are abducted when they are alone in their rooms where they like hiding. They might even shout at you mistaking you for that creature they saw.

False Memory

If you are not used to these people or you have no idea that a person is alien abductees, you might think that they are insane. They have a tendency to recall things that never happened to them and they insist that they saw you or other person. To make their claims true, they might ask for affirmation from people they trust like. “Right mom? Do you remember?”

Important facts and Advice on Kidnapping

The thought of being kidnapped is terrifying to many people even to those who have never fallen victim. Most people would do anything to get their loved one home at the first or slightest threat. This is a good gesture but it is more prudent and better to have some advice that will help make the ordeal less agonizing. Below are some ideas that I have drawn form an expert in abduction matters:

Avoid Setting for the kidnappers First Ransom

I know that mot kidnappers target people from rich families. Poor people and beggars are hardly kidnapped for the obvious reason. So whoever kidnaps has background information about you. They are good researchers. Unfortunately they as for extremely ridiculous huge ransoms. This is where the trick is. Do not settle for the first ransom always bargain for less.

Don’t negotiate for yourself

Some might thinks that it is easier to just settle for $30,000 and let it go. Well sometimes kidnappers are less violent and might negotiate but it is best left to experts.

Kidnappers are not always rude and Violent
It is a myth that all kidnappers will hit you, drag you and scold you. Remember that there are many reasons for kidnapping you, some want revenge while others just want your many and that all. So, sometimes they will talk to you nicely, feed you and laugh with you. You should therefore try to co operate as much as possible.

Be prudent in your action in the first few minutes of kidnapping
Try to be calm at this moment because it is the time when your kidnappers are most dangerous. They know that they can be apprehended any time, this makes them volatile. So do not act or say anything that will jeopardize your well being.

Safety Precautions When Using Car Models

Children are said to be innocent a fact that is quite an opinion because children can be quite canning. You have probably come home only to find a collection of toys on the floor. This can be very dangerous because they can make you fall badly. This is not the only unsafe thing that toys can bring to your home. Car models are good toys for your children but they can still cause a problem. The following are some safe measures that you should take when using car models:

Make sure you read the safety precautions
Ignorance is always no fence. In this case, it is unfortunate that most parents do not read safety precautions on the toy packet let alone paying attention to them. This is very dangerous because in most cases, there are clear descriptions on storage use and disposal methods which when ignored can harm your child.

Ensure that the car models are strong and durable
This perfectly applies to those big car models that children can sit on. These can be dangerous to children if they brake.
Look for sharp edges

Sharp edges can be lethal. They can cut and harm your child. Make sure the edges and the hinges on the car door are fitted with a rubber bumper to prevent pinches.

Age appropriateness

It is not advisable to assume that your toddler is big or wise enough to use a big car model. Buy appropriate car models for your child’s age.

Electric Cars

These are fun cars that are only responsible and older kids can use. Care should be taken both when buying and when using them. Faulty connections of wires and loose joints could be very dangerous. These can cause shock or burn. You should therefore be careful when buying them.

Why Children Run away

“East or west home is best” is a famous saying that tries to validate the truth that home is the best place for everybody, home being the safest place and where true affection can be found. Caring and loving parents are believed to be the home makers and their warmth is always admired by even adults way long after they have found their own places to call home. However, there is a shocking truth that most people would not want to be associated with although times have come and gone when situations at home made contemplate running away from home.

Children, as innocent as most of them are, can be so much affected by things that they do not like at home to a point of running away from home to a place where they feel better. It is the increase in this trend in the U.S that motivated Mary J. Blige and Luda Chris both citizens of the U.S to sing a song revealing situations that push Children to run away from home. These are some of these things:

Violent Parent

Children are emotionally and psychologically affected when parents fight. The home becomes cold, violent and insecure because sometimes children are caught up in the fight leading to physical damage.

Lack of Communication

Communication is a very important pillar in a united family. If a child has no one to talk to about their problem, them he will find someone outside the family to talk to. This includes parents who listen to them but fail to understand their problems and mostly become supportive. This has mostly been found to be issues of choice of career, romantic relationships especially for teenagers, choice of school and clothes.


Children also run away from home when that get abused or attempts are made to abuse them. The abuse can be sexual or physical abuse though beating.

Child Abduction – What are the causes

The societies in which we live have become as unpredictable as they are insecure. People have moved from bad to worse and animal – like. Sadistic behaviors have become the joy of some. Despite the efforts and campaigns done by governments, NGOs and now music artists, cases of child abduction has become a thorn in the flesh. It seems that the only solution that seems to be prospective is vigilance among parents and community policing. Before getting further in this discourse, it would be prudent to identify some of the reasons why children get abducted. These are discussed below.

Susceptibility and innocence

We are not ruling out the fact that adults too get abducted. However, the number of children who get abducted is more than double of that of adults abducted every year. Children are more susceptible to abduction because they are innocent and are easily swayed by abductors tricks.


It is the true that money is the source of all evil if this statement is valid. Primarily, people abduct children and ask for monitory ransom. Huge amounts of money that most parents are willing to give out to have their children back has contributed to increase in this illegal business.

Ignorance and Irresponsible behavior

While most parents are careful with their children’s whereabouts and are commendable for that, it is also shameful that some parents are unbelievable careless and irresponsible. This reckless behavior that is contributed by too much partying, alcoholism and too much work to take care of their children attract abductors.


Some people choose to abduct children as the best way of getting back at their parents. Grudges are settled by making parents have sleepless nights. It is only natural that parents will not rest until they have their children. This agony is what makes abductors happy if their motive is to get back at a parent.

How to return a Lost Child

To help a lost child return home to its parent is one of the best things that you could do to those parents, in fact it is such act that these king of parents could have been eagerly waiting for. The kind of stress and agony they go through could make them pay anything for their child. However, you need to be so careful when helping a lost child find its way home; otherwise you can find yourself in a rather awkward situation. If you ever come across a lost child, try the following things:

Firstly, never assume a child to be lost, just because you have found them in a certain place alone. Children, especially older ones who can speak should be able to call for your help in case they are lost. However, standing or sitting somewhere is not an indicator of a lost child; they could be purposefully be seated somewhere waiting for someone or even basking somewhere. Do not take the child home.

If a child asks for your help, ask for their name and their parents contact. If they are not able to give you this information, inform someone else that you have found a lost child. The best people to inform on such moments are the employees within the premises you are in, or someone who works there that you can trace.

Deem it necessary to inform the authority. Call the police and explain everything. If it is not possible call child help lines. If you must take the child home with you for certain reasons as darkness, rain or to eat. Make sure you have informed somebody you trust or you can trace in case of anything.
Do not hug or embrace the child. No matter how compassionate you are or feel. This can be traced from the child later and used against you.

Keep Your Child Safe in Crowded Places

As innocent and naive as children are, there are people who have intentions of harming them, or making money with them. They aim at doing that through kidnapping and demanding for ridiculous ransoms. There is nothing worse to a parent than having to live with knowledge that a stranger has their child let alone paying the ransom. It is therefore prudent for parents to take care of their children especially in area that are crowded, like parks, playing fields, church yards and during festivals. Here are some ways of keeping your child safe:

Holding their Hand

Kids are sometimes stubborn especially when they are not comfortable or in agreement with certain set rules, but for their safety, sometimes you have to be tough. Hold your child’s hand in crowded places. Do not attempt to leave them behind or let them walk in front of you with a considerable distance. In such places like museums and zoos, you are likely to meet your friend who might sway your attention away from your kid, but having a grip on their hand will save you a great deal of hustle trying to locate them.

Advice on Strangers

You have to make your children knowledgeable about strangers. This does not mean you forbid them from saying Hi! To people they don’t know. Advice them to seek for assistance from other women who have kids, this will help them see mommies in those other women. Expose them to some tricks used by strangers like offering candies and sending them for an errand in some place.

Tags and Tattoos

Some parents have takes cautious measure like having their children tattooed their name and their parents phone number. Others have designed some tags and I.D with their contacts and place them in their pockets. Wrist bands are also good, make sure they have your name and phone number. In crowded area, remember to show your kid the staff in that area and how to identify them either by uniform or at least introduce you child to one or two of them.

Six Ways of Keeping Your Child Safe

Having a child is the pride of every woman. It feels great and feels parents with joy to be with and adore their children; no wonder the opposite is dreadful. There is nothing that makes parents sad and withdrawn from almost everything than to lose a child to anything. It is therefore the responsibility of not only parents but everybody top take care of children. This saves a big deal of agony for parents. However, it is sad to note that sometimes parents can be blamed for the loss of their children whether they intentionally or accidentally cause this loss for some reason.

It is not news to hear that a parent harmed their children for whatever reasons. On the other hand, some parents can be commended for the good care they give their children. The world has become insecure. People are no longer human. Kidnapping, murder, revenge, anger, envy and sadistic characters have their way. But how can parents keep their children safe despite all these attacks? It is possible.
This article reveals some of the ways of doing just that:

1. Always Leave your children attended to: You are sometimes in a hurry to leave for work that you forget to attend to your children. This is dangerous.
2. Take time to talk to your children: Talk to your children on what to do in case they find themselves lost or in some unfamiliar places. Gob as far as knowing their friend in school and where they live.
3. Never leave your child in the car parking while you go shopping.
4. While playing in public places, make sure you can see your child.
5. Never send young children to fetch or buy something by themselves at night.
6. Instruct your children not to accept a candy or any gifts from strangers.

You should know that children are lured by small gifts. Please, make sure you provide this gifts yourself as often as you can.