Child Abduction – What are the causes

The societies in which we live have become as unpredictable as they are insecure. People have moved from bad to worse and animal – like. Sadistic behaviors have become the joy of some. Despite the efforts and campaigns done by governments, NGOs and now music artists, cases of child abduction has become a thorn in the flesh. It seems that the only solution that seems to be prospective is vigilance among parents and community policing. Before getting further in this discourse, it would be prudent to identify some of the reasons why children get abducted. These are discussed below.

Susceptibility and innocence

We are not ruling out the fact that adults too get abducted. However, the number of children who get abducted is more than double of that of adults abducted every year. Children are more susceptible to abduction because they are innocent and are easily swayed by abductors tricks.


It is the true that money is the source of all evil if this statement is valid. Primarily, people abduct children and ask for monitory ransom. Huge amounts of money that most parents are willing to give out to have their children back has contributed to increase in this illegal business.

Ignorance and Irresponsible behavior

While most parents are careful with their children’s whereabouts and are commendable for that, it is also shameful that some parents are unbelievable careless and irresponsible. This reckless behavior that is contributed by too much partying, alcoholism and too much work to take care of their children attract abductors.


Some people choose to abduct children as the best way of getting back at their parents. Grudges are settled by making parents have sleepless nights. It is only natural that parents will not rest until they have their children. This agony is what makes abductors happy if their motive is to get back at a parent.