Educate Your Children on Their Safety

The world is not so safety today. Things have changed and people are looking at every opportunity to make money without considering of the legality of the process of doing so. The effect of this is felt by the basic unit of the society which is the family. Parents and children are in the receiving end in this case.

If you are a parent or you have a child who is under your care, it is prudent you make sure that these children have some guard. You can do this by educating them on abduction. The centre of focus here would be how to protect them from being abducted or getting lost. The following are some basic things that your children should know:

Let Them Know Where They Live

Most people with right intentions find it difficult to help children that are lost because the children do not have a slight idea of where they live. Make sure that your children know the city in which they live, their street and the nearest amenities like hospitals, schools and churches.

Let them know your names as parents

The least that your children should know of you is your name. You can even give them more information like the place of work of both parents.

Let them know what abduction is

You might be bombarding your children with all the necessary information concerning their safety but you fail to explain the reasons for these measures. If you do that you would have accomplished less because these children will not see the use. Use the simplest language to explain to them about abduction.

Let them have you telephone number

Letting your children know how to contact you is the best thing when they are lost. Make sure they can recall your phone number off head.