How to return a Lost Child

To help a lost child return home to its parent is one of the best things that you could do to those parents, in fact it is such act that these king of parents could have been eagerly waiting for. The kind of stress and agony they go through could make them pay anything for their child. However, you need to be so careful when helping a lost child find its way home; otherwise you can find yourself in a rather awkward situation. If you ever come across a lost child, try the following things:

Firstly, never assume a child to be lost, just because you have found them in a certain place alone. Children, especially older ones who can speak should be able to call for your help in case they are lost. However, standing or sitting somewhere is not an indicator of a lost child; they could be purposefully be seated somewhere waiting for someone or even basking somewhere. Do not take the child home.

If a child asks for your help, ask for their name and their parents contact. If they are not able to give you this information, inform someone else that you have found a lost child. The best people to inform on such moments are the employees within the premises you are in, or someone who works there that you can trace.

Deem it necessary to inform the authority. Call the police and explain everything. If it is not possible call child help lines. If you must take the child home with you for certain reasons as darkness, rain or to eat. Make sure you have informed somebody you trust or you can trace in case of anything.
Do not hug or embrace the child. No matter how compassionate you are or feel. This can be traced from the child later and used against you.