Important facts and Advice on Kidnapping

The thought of being kidnapped is terrifying to many people even to those who have never fallen victim. Most people would do anything to get their loved one home at the first or slightest threat. This is a good gesture but it is more prudent and better to have some advice that will help make the ordeal less agonizing. Below are some ideas that I have drawn form an expert in abduction matters:

Avoid Setting for the kidnappers First Ransom

I know that mot kidnappers target people from rich families. Poor people and beggars are hardly kidnapped for the obvious reason. So whoever kidnaps has background information about you. They are good researchers. Unfortunately they as for extremely ridiculous huge ransoms. This is where the trick is. Do not settle for the first ransom always bargain for less.

Don’t negotiate for yourself

Some might thinks that it is easier to just settle for $30,000 and let it go. Well sometimes kidnappers are less violent and might negotiate but it is best left to experts.

Kidnappers are not always rude and Violent
It is a myth that all kidnappers will hit you, drag you and scold you. Remember that there are many reasons for kidnapping you, some want revenge while others just want your many and that all. So, sometimes they will talk to you nicely, feed you and laugh with you. You should therefore try to co operate as much as possible.

Be prudent in your action in the first few minutes of kidnapping
Try to be calm at this moment because it is the time when your kidnappers are most dangerous. They know that they can be apprehended any time, this makes them volatile. So do not act or say anything that will jeopardize your well being.