Keep Your Child Safe in Crowded Places

As innocent and naive as children are, there are people who have intentions of harming them, or making money with them. They aim at doing that through kidnapping and demanding for ridiculous ransoms. There is nothing worse to a parent than having to live with knowledge that a stranger has their child let alone paying the ransom. It is therefore prudent for parents to take care of their children especially in area that are crowded, like parks, playing fields, church yards and during festivals. Here are some ways of keeping your child safe:

Holding their Hand

Kids are sometimes stubborn especially when they are not comfortable or in agreement with certain set rules, but for their safety, sometimes you have to be tough. Hold your child’s hand in crowded places. Do not attempt to leave them behind or let them walk in front of you with a considerable distance. In such places like museums and zoos, you are likely to meet your friend who might sway your attention away from your kid, but having a grip on their hand will save you a great deal of hustle trying to locate them.

Advice on Strangers

You have to make your children knowledgeable about strangers. This does not mean you forbid them from saying Hi! To people they don’t know. Advice them to seek for assistance from other women who have kids, this will help them see mommies in those other women. Expose them to some tricks used by strangers like offering candies and sending them for an errand in some place.

Tags and Tattoos

Some parents have takes cautious measure like having their children tattooed their name and their parents phone number. Others have designed some tags and I.D with their contacts and place them in their pockets. Wrist bands are also good, make sure they have your name and phone number. In crowded area, remember to show your kid the staff in that area and how to identify them either by uniform or at least introduce you child to one or two of them.