Missing persons

Missing persons are those people who have disappeared mysteriously without intimating anybody. Their disappearance can be for unknown reasons. There can be many reasons why a person goes missing. Some of the major reasons are – mentally retarded people, escape from child abuse, case of kidnapping, leave home to begin a new life under a new identity, abduction, suicide in an unknown location, murder, being sold into prostitution or slavery, escape from domestic violence etc.

Nobody can give a definite reason for a person who goes missing and is never found Whenever a person goes missing, it is our moral duty to immediately contact the nearest police station who will ensure that the missing person is immediately located before things turn out of control. The list of missing people keeps increasing every day. In the US alone, there were more than 109,000 missing persons by the end of 2005. One can imagine the list of missing people across the globe during this time.