Rewards Suspects

Volunteers searching for Holly Bobo, the Tennessee woman who was snatched from her home and led into the woods by a camouflage-wearing stranger, found a “significant” item, the Decatur County sheriff said.

Officials said they could not disclose what it was that was recovered because that would jeopardize the integrity of the investigation.

But the discovery has fueled their search in Northern Decatur County, and was based on a tip that came in during a phone call, the sheriff said.

Investigators have said they believe Bobo’s abductor lives in or near the 20-year-old college student’s town of Parsons, Tenn., and have asked her neighbors to report any unusual activity or a break in peoples’ routine those noticed in recent days.

The reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever abducted Holly Bobo is up to $80,000, including $50,000 from the state, which was announced by Gov. Bill Haslam last week, and a reward offered by Bobo’s community.

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