Preventing the Disappearance and harm of children

Teach your child its full name, residential address and phone number. Ensure your child knows the phone number of police.

• You should keep a file with your child’s recent photograph (we recommend you photograph your child every year), fingerprints and dental records. If your child is under two years of age, we recommend that you photograph him much more frequently.

• Teach your children to beware of strangers, especially those offering presents, or asking to take their picture.

• Never leave your child alone in the car. You should go with your child to public restrooms if necessary.

• Explain to your child that he should not open the door to strangers when he is alone at home, or tell strangers on the phone that he is all alone at home.

• Explain to your child how to act in case you get separated from him. For example, while shopping in a shopping mall, he should not run to the parking area, but rather approach one of the employees and ask for help.

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