To Lose a Parent

The internet is awash with how parents suffer when they lose their children not in death but through other means like abduction or running away from home voluntarily. However, the opposite is not so much discussed. It is not something that is unimaginable or so alien to imagine that children can also lose their parents. It happens a lot, only that emphasis has been given to the loss of children with the assumption that parents can take care of themselves. Although the pain that is suffered by a parent who has lost her child is so much painful than that of a child losing their parent, the bottom line is that both experiences are not admirable.

There are circumstances that can make a child lose the parent. The following are the most probably situations when a child can lose the parent:

At a Party

Parties are normally full of people. It is this condition that makes a child probable of missing the parent. If you have to go to a party with your kid, make sure that they are with you all the time or at least make sure you know where they are. The excitement might overtake you so much such that you are lost in the frenzy. Do not get drunk in a party when you are accompanied by your child.

In a shop

Children are so curious and jovial when shopping. They will see something and go for it even without your knowledge. If you are shopping in a supermarket or a large shop, make sure you hold your child’s hand. It is for the same reason that some trolleys have a child rest, where you can place your child as you shop.

In Church

This is another place where your child is at risk of losing you. Sit close to your children and make sure they know you by name and if possible let them know the street and town where you live.