Why Children Run away

“East or west home is best” is a famous saying that tries to validate the truth that home is the best place for everybody, home being the safest place and where true affection can be found. Caring and loving parents are believed to be the home makers and their warmth is always admired by even adults way long after they have found their own places to call home. However, there is a shocking truth that most people would not want to be associated with although times have come and gone when situations at home made contemplate running away from home.

Children, as innocent as most of them are, can be so much affected by things that they do not like at home to a point of running away from home to a place where they feel better. It is the increase in this trend in the U.S that motivated Mary J. Blige and Luda Chris both citizens of the U.S to sing a song revealing situations that push Children to run away from home. These are some of these things:

Violent Parent

Children are emotionally and psychologically affected when parents fight. The home becomes cold, violent and insecure because sometimes children are caught up in the fight leading to physical damage.

Lack of Communication

Communication is a very important pillar in a united family. If a child has no one to talk to about their problem, them he will find someone outside the family to talk to. This includes parents who listen to them but fail to understand their problems and mostly become supportive. This has mostly been found to be issues of choice of career, romantic relationships especially for teenagers, choice of school and clothes.


Children also run away from home when that get abused or attempts are made to abuse them. The abuse can be sexual or physical abuse though beating.